Day 11: Something in which people seem to compliment you.

  My defense is smiling. I smile what I feel comfortable. When I feel like crying in public, I smile. When my anxiety grows up in me, I smile. When I feel like falling apart, I smile. You might be able to tell that I smile a lot. I also understand how it feels to... Continue Reading →


Today I Struggle

For the past three months, I haven’t been working. I had freedom. I explored Vermont. I traveled to Steamboat Springs and San Francisco. I moved to a new town. I dated. I was doing amazing. I started seeing a therapist last week. Even though I know I should see one, I almost felt like I... Continue Reading →


I always see the potential Instead of what’s really there I remember the promises Not the actions I don’t use the word “just” I tend to give my all Even when I know, I shouldn’t My heart often gets broken I’m filled with disappointment I still keep my compassion Never letting experience harden My soul... Continue Reading →

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