Lessons in Dating

I have been thinking a lot, not just about this current dating issue, but my past issues as well. The guys who asked me out as a joke. The one who called me names and belittled me but claimed they loved me. The ones who I said no to because I was too scared that they were joking. The ones who I put my problems on. The ones who never reached back out. The ones who still had girlfriends while trying to date me.  If I go through all those dating up and downs, each taught me an important lesson. When you look at it and come to terms with it, you are no longer a prisoner of those events. A list of lessons learned:
Lesson #1: Their actions were a reflection of them, not me.
Lesson #2: Those words he said and those actions he did, did not show he loved and cared for me but showed he was manipulative and I am not those things. Again refer back to lesson #1. I am more than this. I am worth more than this.
Lesson #3: My problems and actions are only a reflection of me. No other person has the responsibility of solving your problems, but you.
Lesson #4: You should be with someone who wants to be with you. Who puts the effort in.
Lesson #5: It is always worth opening yourself up to love and hurt and joy.
Lesson #6: When in doubt, refer back to lesson #1.

A lot of these lessons I read somewhere else. Now that I had the opportunity to reflect on my past, I was able to see these lessons clearer than before.

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