Day 04: Something that is part of your routine you enjoy.

Since this past February (2016), I have been using self-care techniques every day. I have become more aware of pieces of my routine that may help or hinder me. Going to bed late can hinder while taking a walk every day helps. One of my favorite parts of my routine is writing down a good memory from the day. I got this idea from reading a post on Pinterest. It really clicked for me so I decided to try it when I was in a deep depression.

When I first started this, most days I wrote “today I survived” or “today I didn’t take sleep medication to go to bed”. It slowly started allowing me to be grateful for things that were happening each day. Gave me the opportunity to reflect on what my day was like and what I could take from it. As the months went on, things got better and better. My memories were more positive. I started having moments and memories that were worth remembering. I started to look forward to writing something instead of dreading it.

This little piece of my routine that I have continued and will continue into the future.

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