Day 06: Something that excites you and fills you with joy.

People often say that I have a “happy” personality. When I talk about anything that I am passionate about, I become immensely excited which is easily noticeable. I love talking about things that I am passionate about, which I’m sure is true for most people. Besides talking about things I am passionate about (mental health, travel, books, legend), exploring new places also brings me excitement and joy.

Exploring new places gives me new hope. It shows me that where I am currently is a small piece of the world. Exploring new places could be locally or internationally. I love being a “tourist” in my own state. Going to see things that I never cared to visit before. This could be new hikes, neighboring towns, museums I haven’t been to since elementary school or anything that is near me that I never took the time to explore. It’s incredible what I could be missing. Traveling internationally is in its own category of exploring. Being able to see new cultures and landscapes is incredible.

Exploring new places revives my hope and joy. I can’t fully define it or understand why. That’s okay for me, though. Just the feeling is enough. When I am feeling trapped, I often go see a new place. Today I was feeling trapped in my apartment, so I visited a local waterfall I have never been to and just took the site in. It revived me and I was able to get along with my day. I never underestimate the power of new places

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