Day 10: Something in which you’ve been the champion or the best.


So there was a three-day vacation written into the blog challenge. I think it just goes along with the fact that it is important to take breaks and take time for yourself. I needed it this weekend and had a perfect time.

So this question, again, is difficult for me. I never saw myself being the “best” or a “champion” at anything. I remember writing day this day on my list and already dreading it. I did my best in high school, college and graduate school. I never was amazing at sports. I just started at a new job. How can I say I’m the best at anything? That may sound depressing to some, but to me I’m still proud of myself. I don’t need to be the champion at anything to feel happy. I don’t need to say I won to feel accomplished. I know not everyone feels this way, and that’s okay obviously. But, it’s also okay to not need that. To be happy doing your own thing and being the best you can be.

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