Day 12: Something you hope to change about yourself and why.


I get wrapped up in my head. I think of illogical scenarios and they tend to spin out of control. I believe the best and worst of people at the same time. I usually think the worst case scenario will be what will happen. All the illogical scenarios. All the messed up future outcomes. Everything. I know it’s illogical and I know they will probably never even happen. That doesn’t stop my fear or my mind from spinning out of control to the point where my stomach hurts and I want to cry when nothing, in fact, has actually happened.

I would like that to change. I would like to enjoy good things happening in my life without believing that it’s going to turn out bad. I would like to enjoy it and be happy instead of making myself miserable. Yeah, that would be nice. I’m going to therapy so I’m working on it.

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