Too Much

People always tell me I am too much
When I was in middle school, I talked too much
Then, I was too loud
Soon after, I gave too much to others
I gave too much of myself to support others
I told too much of my own story
By being too much
I made others feel uncomfortable
I became too much of a burden

The words still sting every time I hear them
Being told to shut up or be quiet
Telling me they couldn’t handle what I had
I tried to quiet my soul down
Apologized when I spoke
Tried to never speak my truth

To be honest, that never lasted for long
I guess I am too much to hold in

I still cringe when thinking of the last night
The one when I talked too much
Or shared too much
Or was too loud
Or too honest
Or too anything really

It comes to a point where you think
That maybe I am too much for anyone
To stay

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