The One’s I’ll Never Be

I’ll never be the one with the most chill photos
Or the one who always looks nonchalant
I will never be carefree
I will never be the one with nothing on my mind
Or the one who is climbing the highest mountains
Or walking the longest trails
I will never be that artistic
Or the strongest person in the room
I will never be the most comfortable
I will never be the one who is always confident
Who is happy exactly the way I am
I will never be the one who is at peace

I will probably be the one giving too much
The one feeling too much
The one talking too much
The one caring too much
The one thinking too much

I’m sorry if this isn’t what you want
But its only way I know how to be
I am trying to get better
To give, feel, talk, care, think a little less

But I still will never be one of those
The ones who seem chill and cool
I will always be a spastic
And maybe a bit eccentric
I never understood how to fake it for others
There’s only one way I can be
But maybe, that’s alright with me
As long as it’s good with you

1 thought on “The One’s I’ll Never Be”

  1. Sylvia,
    This is excellent, i really do enjoy reading your writing, first of all i think you should write a book, i am sure it would be published. Your writings have a much better chance than my one liners. Secondly, i am not sure if anyone person has all those qualities but i am certain some people have some and others have some of the others. If one person had all those that would be the perfect person and there is only one of me, lol. I think the qualities you have are some of the best, i hope you see that. We all have our faults and issues and some people just hold them in, whereas you are sharing yours with others. I wish you nothing but greatness as you struggle to understand yourself, be confident, be courageous and continue to share.


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