I’m open about my struggles with anxiety and depression. Sometimes, those struggles cloud my judgment. I CAN act irrationally. I CAN overreact. I CAN say some stupid shit I don’t mean. But I also see things and feel things that I have every right to feel. Sometimes, people can dismiss my feelings just because sometimes my feelings are irrational. It doesn’t mean, however, that my feelings or when I get hurt, that it is always irrational. People can easily dismiss you. They can tell you that it is just your anxiety or depression or insecureness that is causing you to feel this way, and it is not real or true. But sometimes, it is true. I can tell when someone is mocking me. I can tell when someone is genuine to me. I can read the little innuendos. I can feel your intentions at times. I feel for reasons. Please don’t disregard them. I had enough of that in my past. When every time I become upset, I was told I was crazy. I don’t need that now with people in my life. Listen. Please.

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