3 Ways To Show People You Appreciate Them When You’re Struggling

When I discuss my struggles, I often talk about how I can’t get up from my kitchen floor or image1-3the couch. I discuss how some days I can fathom getting out of bed to start the day. I talk about the days when I feel isolated and alone. When I post about the days I struggle, people often send me wishes of encouragement. When I ask for advice, people are willing to share which I appreciate more than you know. I am sometimes afraid that people in my life don’t know how much I appreciate them.

1. Tell them you appreciate them.
I tell people in my life that I appreciate their support even though I have a hard time showing it sometimes. I tell them even if I’m being a butt and pushing you away I appreciate you still showing up. This usually happens when I’m doing well. Telling them that you appreciate them and that they are helping you can be critical for them hear. I can’t usually do this at the height of anxiety or depression. I usually end up being mean and/or pushing them away. I’m trying hard not to do that, but I still do on occasion. I tell them after and when I’m well.

2. Show them
I try to be there for people who are constantly there for me. I reach out to them when I can. I try to show my support if I can as well. This can include random texts checking in, sending them articles and/or books I think they will enjoy, and just reaching out. Showing your a reciprocating and that the relationship goes both ways can be important for them to understand as well.

3. Work.
I can only imagine the frustration and hurt people in my life can feel when I am struggling. I know they care and love me, and they are doing what they can, but I still struggle. After I have a rough day, week or month, I try to show them what I’m doing to improve. I made an anxiety box recently. I have been sharing my writing. I have been reading. I have been doing exercises. I listen to what they tell me and show them I’m trying and taking the advice I think applies to me. I recently had a hard day and was letting anxiety and depression win. I reached out to a close person, and they reminded me to try a puzzle or go for a hike. I did that. Sometimes it’s hard to follow them and hear them. Sometimes they may not know what is best or what will help you. Sometimes they do. When they do, show them that you’re listening and you care. Do your best. That’s all you can do, and that’s all they can expect you to do. Keep doing that and keep striving.

Showing loved ones you appreciate them can be hard at times. It’s okay to be selfish when you are struggling. It’s important to make self-care a priority. Once in awhile, however, it can be important to show loved ones in your life that you appreciate them more than they know.

4 thoughts on “3 Ways To Show People You Appreciate Them When You’re Struggling”

  1. I’m new here, and hope it’s ok that I jump into the conversation.

    Totally agree that Tell, Show, Work are good ways to communicate with others. Don’t know if I can pull it off (or anything close to it) when I’m in a really dark place. But its still a good goal.

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