On Top of a Mountain

Give me some fresh air. Let me have that moment on top of a mountain. The time when you do the thing you swore you couldn’t do. It’s when you go to bed happy after a long week of crying. It’s when you are surrounded by people you care about, and you feel at peace after a long time of chaos. Give me all of this. The surviving. The triumphing. The peace. The breath. Just give it to me on a top of a mountain. Then I can see all that I have accomplished. Sure, maybe I can see all the mountains I still have to climb but right now let me be here. I’ll get to those other mountains later. I need to feel present. Let me relish in all my feelings and moments that brought me here. Before I start the next hurdle let me hear the “I’m proud of you’s” of this one. Before I start to have anxiety about what is coming next, please just let me enjoy this. Let me be on top of my mountain for a moment.


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