I Promise You I Am Well

From my posts, most people may think I’m not doing well when in fact, that is not the case. It’s just sometimes I get these moments or days when everything feels like it is falling apart. But I’m happy and doing better. I still struggle at times, but that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change the fact that I know what happiness and hope feel like now. It’s just in those moments when everything feels like despair; it is easier to write. Everything flows just a little bit easier.

I have a lot of things going for me. I will be graduating graduate school in August. I will be finishing my internship this May. I am in a relationship which I adore. I have good friends and family surrounding me. I appreciate my life and things and people that are in it. It’s just at times it’s harder to see. When things get overwhelming, or a lot of triggers are happening, then I can break at times. Just for an hour, and then everything is fine. Moments of high anxiety.

These moments of high anxiety are, well, scary. It’s when I can easily write negative things about myself. It were when I feel alone and lost as if it is just me against the world. That I question what is the point of doing things and maybe giving up will be easier. Then I come out of it, and I question what the heck was I thinking just an hour before. How hearing or seeing those things must not be easy for loved ones.

So I want to make it known. I’m happy. I have my struggles, and probably always will to some degree, but I’m happy. I’m making strides and moving forward. I appreciate my life and am awaiting to see what happens in the future. I now know hope. I am with loved ones. I’m doing things I need to do to stay and feel well. I will not be giving up anytime soon. Love to all.

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