When You Break

Frankly, I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not good enough. I’m tired of always worrying. I’m tired of never trusting anything but the negative. I’m tired of comparing myself to others and always coming out short. I’m tired of living in the past. I’m tired of holding on. I’m tired of feeling like a failure. I’m tired of feeling broken. I’m tired of letting down people around me.  I’m just tired.

All of this weighs on me, and I can no longer carry it. It’s making me slump down instead of standing tall. I want so much to be okay with who I am and where I am. I’m just not sure on how to get there yet. I keep trying. I keep failing. It’s hard. I need some faith instead of breaking all the time.

When I break into these thoughts, I can usually put on a smile – like the one shown. I can break down and then pick myself up. A real artist. I just wish the break and thoughts didn’t have to occur. I wish I could pick myself up before it happened.

2 thoughts on “When You Break”

  1. Hello! I hope that writing has helped you since this message was posted! I can see happiness potential in your smile and have faith in you. So many challenges in life, but so much beauty too.

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