Don’t Tell Me How My Anxiety Should Be

My anxiety comes out in different ways. Sometimes it’s me crying on my floor. Sometimes it’s me laying on my couch not able to move. Sometimes it’s me becoming flustered and lashing out. The triggers are different too. Sometimes it’s seeing others insecurity. Sometimes it’s an unanswered text. Sometime’s it’s nothing at all. Anxiety can... Continue Reading →


Giving Energy to Negative People

Certain topics or triggers strike me to my core. My insecurities that pop up throughout my daily life. I hate when these insecurities take control. It mostly happens at the most inconvenient times. It happens after a great weekend. Days of happiness and contentedness. Then it feels as if things are going to good -... Continue Reading →

Take a Break

I'm the first to admit today was a long day. It was the most action packed day I had in a while. I ran, hiked, biked, swam, picked strawberries, went to a brewery, rode a bike, and went out to eat. It was long. It was tiring. It was also amazingly fun. I had the... Continue Reading →

Worst Days with Intrusive Thoughts

Some days you're gonna hate yourself. You're going to wish that things came just a little bit easier. That maybe you can control your thoughts more or at least what you say outloud. Some days you can - you will be incredibly proud on those days. Other days you will fail and hurt those around... Continue Reading →

I’m A Lot of Things 

Here's the thing I'm not perfect and will never claim to be. I'm not even close to being "chill" - some may call me dramatic. I see it as just having a lot of feelings. I see things from everyone's perspective which makes it difficult for me to stay upset at someone. I empathize way... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Will Still Take Over at Times

So I’m not exactly sure why, but today is hard. The anxiety came creeping back fast, and insecurity is currently flooding my mind. I’m now trying to figure out the trigger. If I could find the trigger, then I could handle it. Last week I had some personal problems in my life that came swarming.... Continue Reading →

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