Getting Rid of Toxic People

I have certain triggers in my life for when they occur it is hard for me to handle. No matter how many times I try to move past it or not let it affect me, I still feel stung all the way to my core. I feel frustrated and annoyed – having someone that irks you affect you. Trying to explain to others why something bothers you. I decided a little while ago that I will no longer let toxic people influence my well-being and relationships. But it does. These people’s actions make me feel small. Makes me feel worthless. When people mock or attacks your inner self without understanding what you did to deserve this, it really just sucks. When you are already dealing with anxiety and depression, and a person like this comes into your life now and then, it can send me back. Trying to explain this to others becomes overwhelming because I am seen as being irrational. It’s hard to comprehend how people can have such an influence over you. After events like this happen to me, I do my best to move forward. I try to move past it. No longer letting it influence me in these moments. I do things to release the toxicity from my life. Doing my best not to let others take control of my emotions. It’s a process – learning how to release the toxins from me. Not letting others get the best of me. I get to decide to my feelings- no one else. Moving forward.

4 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Toxic People”

  1. It makes it all that much worse when onlookers tell you you’re irrational, or overreacting when you’re feeling that way😔 We are who we are.


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