Don’t See Me for the Moments

Do me a favor, please.
I need you to see me for who I am striving to be.
Don’t see me for the moments when I break.
The moments when I fall apart.
The moments when I succumb to insecurities.
The moments when anxiety takes over.
The moments when I want to disappear.

See me for the times that I’m the toughest girl around.
The times where I push past my hardest days.
The times when I laugh the loudest.
The times when I crinkle my nose.
The times when I’m everything I thought I could be.

I want you to see me for the person I’m trying to be.
That I want to be. That I need to be. That I see myself as being.
Don’t see me for the girl I hate.
I’m more than what my anxiety makes me.
I don’t like her anymore than you do.
Bits and pieces of her are being left behind with every step forward.

I don’t want anyone to see me for only my moments of weakness.

Copy of mental health travel planner.png

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