How Do I Know My Worth?

Tell me, how do I define my worth?

Is it how many likes I get on social media?
Or how much money I earn?
Maybe it’s how special my job is?
Perhaps it’s my education

Well I don’t get many likes
Or make any money – let alone have a job
I never went to a prestigious university
Does that mean I’m not worth much?
I know I can’t compare to anyone else

Maybe it’s in how many pitches I climb
Or the longest hike I ever done
How fast I can run a mile
Let’s look at physical strength

I have to admit I’m not very strong
I push myself to my limits,
But it never seems to be very good
I guess I’m not worth much

Maybe worth is found in physical attraction
The sexiness and meaning of piercings and tattoos
The type of clothes I put on my body
How I dress my lips and eyes

Well if that’s the case then I’m really screwed
I shop at Goodwill and Salvation Army
I don’t know how to put on lipstick
I don’t have any sexy piercings or tattoos
I think I still look okay – no?

I used to buy so many clothes
I used to crave attention by likes
I feel like a failure without having a job
I searched for my worthiness in others

My only “good” qualities are caring
By putting others first
I try hard to be a good person
I am self-aware enough to know my flaws
I always try really hard

Does my love and effort make me worthy enough?
Or do I still have to wonder about the next best thing?

4 thoughts on “How Do I Know My Worth?”

      1. A very promising work in progress Sylvia. I have faith 😊 The first step is being aware and asking the right questions… which you are!


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