I’m Your Crux. Anxiety & Depression are Mine.

In rock climbing, you can encounter cruxes on climbs. According to REI, a crux is The toughest move or sequence of moves on a climb. It’s when you get to the point of the climb that you don’t always know if you are going to make it over. It’s the point where you have to push yourself a little bit hard. We also have cruxes in life.

Sometimes everything seems harder than it should. You’re on the struggle bus with no signs of getting off. You’re at a crux – in your life or relationship- trying to make it over. Questioning how to do it, if you can do it, and if it’s worth trying. It challenges you. It pushes you. It makes you get a different perspective. It makes you work a little bit harder.

Cruxes are learning experiences. They don’t mean it’s over. It means you figure out how to get over them and you conquer it. Sometimes giving up is an option. It’s too difficult for you at that moment. You’re not ready to tackle it. So you take a step back, learn on your own, and then you can try to tackle it again. Once you get past the crux, it’s everything. Because then you get the view from up above. Then you know how much you can challenge yourself. You get to view. You get to look down and see everything you have been through and where you are now.

I can be the crux people need to figure out. I’m difficult. I can’t always control my anxious or depressive thoughts. They cause irritation and irrational concern. But I’m worth it. I’m trying. I’m making moves. I’m doing what I can. I keep moving. I keep training. I keep improving. Once we make it over, it’s everything. Things blossom up on top. Push, and you will see it. Soon I will be able to tackle my crux fully. We can also tackle ours.

I’m your crux. Anxiety and depression are mine.


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