I Wish I Could Be Everything.

Sometimes I wish I could be everything
Because then I would never be nothing.
Then I could never have competition.
I could be everything you needed me to be.
And more.
I would never have to wonder about others
Because they wouldn’t be better than me.
If I was everything, then I could be happy.
I could be a yoga girl who can climb, run, bike, ski, and cook.
I could be the bravest person I ever met.
I could always be happy and calm.
I could always be confident.
I could be everything.
I would never have to question myself
I would always be enough.
But never too much.
I would know the right things to say and post.
Then everyone would love me.
I would never have to feel less.
I would no longer have to wonder.
I think I could be happy like that.
But then again, I shouldn’t have to be everything
To get people to stay.
I shouldn’t have to be the best skier
Or climber. Or yoga girl. Or runner. Or biker.
Or anything else.
But it’s not just for others that I would be these things.
I envy the ones who have it all together.
Who can do it all.
Because sometime’s I feel like I can’t put one foot in front of the other.
I often feel lost. And tired.
But if I was everything then I could handle life.
I see those pictures of women doing everything I wish I could.
I become reminded of everything I’m not.
Because if there are women out there like them
How can a girl like me have friends or partner?

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