anxiety control present relationships

Letting Anxiety Control Your Present in Relationships

Everyone has a past. It is just a fact. People will have lives before and after you. Their past brought them to you. When you care about someone, it’s important to appreciate that fact and understand it. When you have anxiety, understanding the past and not overthinking it, can be extremely difficult. You start to think maybe a person would prefer to be in the past then there with you. That their past was so much better.

anxiety control present relationshipsBut everyone has different pieces of their journey that brought them to where they are today. They had a life before you. They probably had heartbreak and moments of extreme happiness. They had good friends that you may never meet. They lived in cities you have never been to. Other people knew that person well in a moment of time in their life. But it doesn’t take away from your experience with them. It doesn’t take away the present moment. It doesn’t take away all of your moments with that person. It doesn’t mean you mean any less to them.

Thinking of their past won’t always be easy, but it is okay. Anxiety is going to try to steal your moments with this person. It is going to try to lessen your worth. It’s going to have you so caught up in what came before you that you miss what is front of you. It’s going to tell you that you are no competition to their past when in-fact there is just no competition at all. Because you’re here with them. Don’t let their past and your anxiety rule you and destroy where you are now.

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