I Tried to Wash You Away

I tried to starve you away. I didn’t eat hoping my body would start eating pieces of you from me instead.

I tried to wash you away. I showered wishing the water would clean you from me. But you’re so imprinted on me that it’s going to take more than a shower to get rid of you.

I tried to drink you away. Hoping I could find another body to press mine against so I could forget what yours felt like.

I tried to cry you away. Hoping that the tears would release the memories I have of us so maybe I could breathe clearly again.

I tried to talk you away. Hoping that if I kept going over it in my mind, I could convince myself it’s for the best.

I tried to busy you away. Hoping that if all my time was taken up, there would be no room for you in my thoughts.

You’re ingrained into my mind body and soul and I’m just not sure how to move on from that.

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