The Art of Being Too Much

I have a habit of being “too” something. I hear it all the time.

I’m too emotional. I care too much. I talk too loud. I laugh too loud. I talk too much. I get too excited. I’m too happy. I get too sad. I get too passionate. I can be too open. I can be too anxious. I think too much. I give too much. I give too quick. I’m too quick to trust. I give too many chances.

IMG_0171I’m always “too” something. I’m too much for some. Too little for others. For me, the word “too” has a negative connotation. Nobody wants to be “too” anything because too much of anything is a bad thing. For me, it translates to that I’m doing something wrong. I’m not doing the social norm. But I have yet to find the balance because I don’t know how to do moderation. I don’t know how to only give in small doses. How to only be in bits and pieces.

I’m a lot. I know this. I don’t need constant reminders. I accepted these pieces of myself. That I will be too much for some people. I need to find the ones that embrace me. That accepts my wholeheartedness. I don’t think I’m capable of doing anything different, and that is okay.

This is my superpower. This is my key to the life I’m living. Yes, a balance is needed at times. And at times, being “too” of things can get me hurt. Because when you give too much or care too much, your hurt is also multiplied. It’s not easy. You think I would have learned. Instead, I just want to keep giving.

So stop trying to dim it, people.

1 thought on “The Art of Being Too Much”

  1. I have never really realized this until I read your post but I find “too” has a negative connotation for myself as well. I’m always either being told I am “too” “something” or feeling I am “too” “something”. To the point, I am anxious about it. What if I am always too late, what if I am too loud (I really project when speaking), what if I am too annoying, what if I am too slow (I have some minor mobility issues), what if I trust too much. These are things I am told or that run through my head constantly. Reading your post really hit home for me. I completely understand. Makes me think of a quote I saw somewhere the other day “Be who you are and say what you feel because people who mind don’t matter and people who matter don’t mind” lately when I start to hear or feel like that I think of that quote.


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