Quick Reader Survey

Hi all! I am really trying to understand my readers more. I ended up creating a 9 question survey to try gain some insight. The survey is anonymous and voluntary. I will only be using the results to see how I use my blog in the future. Click the photo or here is another link! Thank… Continue reading Quick Reader Survey

Liebster Award – So Exciting

Okay everyone - I was nominated for the Liebster Award. Super exciting! I was nominated three times. Once back in July (Thanks, Big Tiny Steps) - which I never did anything about. Not sure why - but probably had something to do with anxiety and everything seems like too much at the time. So I’m… Continue reading Liebster Award – So Exciting

Social Media

Hi all! I wanted to share some other venues that I use for sharing my journey in mental health. Facebook Instagram Twitter Goodreads Pinterest Please feel free to connect with me and reach out! I would love to connect with people on all these platforms. Sending Love. Sylvia