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Hi all! I wanted to share some other venues that I use for sharing my journey in mental health. Facebook Instagram Twitter Goodreads Pinterest Please feel free to connect with me and reach out! I would love to connect with people on all these platforms. Sending Love. Sylvia



To the seasons of my life. From the harshest winters To the relaxing summers. To the springs where relationships bloomed Or autumn when things had to end. For the ones where it was me Who it pushed it to winter - I’m sorry. To the ones who pushed the Leaves to fall during my summer... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Dating

I have been thinking a lot, not just about this current dating issue, but my past issues as well. The guys who asked me out as a joke. The one who called me names and belittled me but claimed they loved me. The ones who I said no to because I was too scared that... Continue Reading →

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