How Do I Know My Worth?

Tell me, how do I define my worth? Is it how many likes I get on social media? Or how much money I earn? Maybe it’s how special my job is? Perhaps it’s my education Well I don’t get many likes Or make any money – let alone have a job I never went to... Continue Reading →


Late Night Thoughts

When it's 3am and I can't sleep My thoughts roam to the demons that rule this hour  I avoid looking in mirrors I don't dare make too much  At 4am the real demons come  The ones that make sleeping impossible Am I doing enough ?  Am I enough ?  Is this the right path ? ... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Loved Ones

Dear Loved Ones, Trust me, I know I’m difficult. I’m hard to please. I jump to conclusions. I think I can mind read and predict the future, and it’s usually an awful future at that. I know these habits can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I see what I have to do to change, but it... Continue Reading →

The One’s I’ll Never Be

I’ll never be the one with the most chill photos Or the one who always looks nonchalant I will never be carefree I will never be the one with nothing on my mind Or the one who is climbing the highest mountains Or walking the longest trails I will never be that artistic Or the... Continue Reading →


Listen loved ones, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ruining holidays. I’m sorry for fighting. I’m sorry for pushing you away. I’m sorry for questioning. I’m sorry for hurting you. I am, but I know you heard this before. The words dripped from my mouth. You listen each time and nod. Then you say you heard... Continue Reading →

Too Much

People always tell me I am too much When I was in middle school, I talked too much Then, I was too loud Soon after, I gave too much to others I gave too much of myself to support others I told too much of my own story By being too much I made others... Continue Reading →


I always see the potential Instead of what’s really there I remember the promises Not the actions I don’t use the word “just” I tend to give my all Even when I know, I shouldn’t My heart often gets broken I’m filled with disappointment I still keep my compassion Never letting experience harden My soul... Continue Reading →


To the seasons of my life. From the harshest winters To the relaxing summers. To the springs where relationships bloomed Or autumn when things had to end. For the ones where it was me Who it pushed it to winter - I’m sorry. To the ones who pushed the Leaves to fall during my summer... Continue Reading →

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