Things I Cannot Control

Today I wake up and move forward. I talk to my therapist about things I can’t control.  I talk to her about what I can control.  It gave me an excuse to get out bed. So I will continue in this stride, with putting one foot in front of the other. Concentrating on everything that… Continue reading Things I Cannot Control

Losing Grip- A Poem

Sometimes I feel like the world is slipping through my hands. As soon as I get a grip on something meaningful I see it falling. As soon as I feel like I figured something out Something changes and I’m left confused. As soon as I’m happy, I feel life closing in. I expect the worst,… Continue reading Losing Grip- A Poem

Here’s to the One’s That Start

I went to the Banff Film Festival this weekend (twice) and felt inspired. This is a poem about the people who are starting a new outdoor adventure activity. Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is just start. Hoping to turn this into a film one day. What do you think?  Here’s to the people… Continue reading Here’s to the One’s That Start

But I’m Like the Snow

Sometimes I wish I was like a waterfall. Where I could just go with flow over the edge. Fall into the unknown with grace and fury. Instead I fight every moment. Trying to control the movement of my life. You see, I fight a lot. With my mind mostly. I fight the thoughts. The worst… Continue reading But I’m Like the Snow

I Wish I Could Be Everything.

Sometimes I wish I could be everything Because then I would never be nothing. Then I could never have competition. I could be everything you needed me to be. And more. I would never have to wonder about others Because they wouldn’t be better than me. If I was everything, then I could be happy.… Continue reading I Wish I Could Be Everything.

Should Be There

I'm here. But I should be there I should have gotten better sooner  I should have figured it out sooner  I should have been present  I should have been there  Instead I'm filled with regret  With the coulds and the shoulds The what I would be doing now  It shouldn't have taken that shock  I shouldn't… Continue reading Should Be There

How Do I Know My Worth?

Tell me, how do I define my worth? Is it how many likes I get on social media? Or how much money I earn? Maybe it’s how special my job is? Perhaps it’s my education Well I don’t get many likes Or make any money – let alone have a job I never went to… Continue reading How Do I Know My Worth?

Late Night Thoughts

When it's 3am and I can't sleep My thoughts roam to the demons that rule this hour  I avoid looking in mirrors I don't dare make too much  At 4am the real demons come  The ones that make sleeping impossible Am I doing enough ?  Am I enough ?  Is this the right path ? … Continue reading Late Night Thoughts

Don’t See Me for the Moments

Do me a favor, please. I need you to see me for who I am striving to be. Don’t see me for the moments when I break. The moments when I fall apart. The moments when I succumb to insecurities. The moments when anxiety takes over. The moments when I want to disappear. See me… Continue reading Don’t See Me for the Moments

A Letter to My Loved Ones

Dear Loved Ones, Trust me, I know I’m difficult. I’m hard to please. I jump to conclusions. I think I can mind read and predict the future, and it’s usually an awful future at that. I know these habits can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I see what I have to do to change, but it… Continue reading A Letter to My Loved Ones