Am I Too Broken to Be Loved?

Am I too broken to love or be loved? What if all the things I hate about myself makes me unlovable? What if no one will ever choose me? What if no one will ever show up? These are the questions I ask myself time and time again. Days when something small triggers me into… Continue reading Am I Too Broken to Be Loved?

Coping With Anxiety When You’re Busy & Exhausted

Okay everyone - I’m back. At least for the time being. Over the past month or so there has been so many things I have wanted to write. I just haven’t had time. I just started working full time at a job I love, but it’s also mentally draining. A week or two ago I… Continue reading Coping With Anxiety When You’re Busy & Exhausted

7 Items to Include in a Self-Care Package

Sometimes I am the one struggling, other times it’s a friend. Sometimes I have to focus on myself, and other times I have some care to give to others. I have a hard time seeing people around me struggle. I know what it feels like to suffer and to feel like you’re fighting it alone.… Continue reading 7 Items to Include in a Self-Care Package

6 Things That Saved My Life While Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

I had some intense dark times in my life. Times when I didn’t know how I was going to make it out alive. Below is a list of items, people, moments, that kept me going. Things I remember often. Things that when I find myself turning to a dark place, I go to. These are… Continue reading 6 Things That Saved My Life While Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

Essential Oils & Mental Health

Recently, I have developed an appreciation for essential oils, and how it helps my mental health. Smells have a way of bringing me back to the present. When I get lost in anxious or I depressive thoughts, smells are an easy way to bring me back to where I need to be. There are so… Continue reading Essential Oils & Mental Health

Journey to Self-Love

Finding self-love has always been semi-difficult for me. I have a lot of doubts in my head. A lot of questioning. I tend to think others are more worthy than I am. It’s a difficult thing to break through. Moving away from that is a struggle. Every time I think I’m there, something sets me… Continue reading Journey to Self-Love

Anxiety Will Still Take Over at Times

So I’m not exactly sure why, but today is hard. The anxiety came creeping back fast, and insecurity is currently flooding my mind. I’m now trying to figure out the trigger. If I could find the trigger, then I could handle it. Last week I had some personal problems in my life that came swarming.… Continue reading Anxiety Will Still Take Over at Times

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra for Anxiety and Depression

If I'm honest, I’m not your typical “yoga girl.” I have tried yoga in the past. Repeating the sun salutations gives me anxiety. I get bored doing the videos. I have gone to a yoga class, which was way too difficult for me (my fault), and I haven’t been back since. When I started reaching… Continue reading Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra for Anxiety and Depression

Tangled & Can’t Breathe

There are some days when I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel the weight of the world pressing down on my chest. Every bad thing I could possibly think of will start happening. The feeling will come and grow throughout the day. If it is one of those days, any small thing can trigger… Continue reading Tangled & Can’t Breathe

5 Reminders When You Feel Like You Aren’t Doing Enough

Days like this are hard. I see a lot of passion on my social media accounts. Some people are angry. Others are scared. Some are happy and hopeful. Others are distraught. I see all these posts, and I understand. I can understand why people are scared, angry, and distraught. I am right there with them.… Continue reading 5 Reminders When You Feel Like You Aren’t Doing Enough