Being Aware of Anxiety and Depression

I’ve been slacking in this whole writing thing lately. It’s probably because I have been busy, but I also believe that I was subconsciously conducting an experiment. I wanted to see if the fact that I’m writing about my struggles exacerbates my struggles or if it helps me. Inside my lovely brain, I kept going… Continue reading Being Aware of Anxiety and Depression


Weekend Adventures With Anxiety & Depression

When you work full time or have friends that do, you may often adventure on weekends to go to new places. It can be hard to wait for that one week that you and others can take off, so weekends are a logical choice. It’s a chance to get away from “normal” life. A chance… Continue reading Weekend Adventures With Anxiety & Depression

When Anxiety Makes You Believe You Are Not Capable

There are moments in everyone’s lives that help define us. Moments that force us to see who we truly are. Moments that get us to see what we are truly capable of. Sometimes these moments are small and sometimes these moments are more dramatic. Before these moments we can have an idea of who we… Continue reading When Anxiety Makes You Believe You Are Not Capable

Anger & Anxiety

Anger & Anxiety

I don’t always notice when I’m feeling anxious or just “off.” Sometimes I try to repress it. I tell myself not to feel anxious. Sometimes I think I’m anxious, but I moved on from it. Then something small happens - something that is no big deal. A question. A comment. And I flip out- I… Continue reading Anger & Anxiety

Let’s Take a Look at My Anxiety Triggers

anxiety triggers mental health

One of my biggest triggers with my anxiety and depression is becoming overwhelmed or being reminded of everything that I am not. Both of these are pretty common in my life. Being aware of these triggers in only the first step and they can easily influence each other. Everything I Am Not: Past Relationship I… Continue reading Let’s Take a Look at My Anxiety Triggers

I’m Lost. I’m Scared. And it’s Okay.

I have a confession: I am lost. I’m not sure how I am supposed to feel about anything. I am not sure how I should tackle anything. Sometimes I feel like I am just making everything up as I go along. The twenties are supposed to be a decade of being lost, confused, and filled… Continue reading I’m Lost. I’m Scared. And it’s Okay.

Why I’m Done Judging Others

I have to admit: I judge people. I don’t hold people to my judgments, but I do it. I think most people do. It’s human nature. First Impressions. Clothes. Outward attitude. It’s hard not to. You would think that my anxiety and depression would make it a little bit easier to have empathy for others.… Continue reading Why I’m Done Judging Others

Two and a Half Week Adventure- Follow me on Instagram to keep up! 

So this afternoon I'm leaving on a jet plane to go out west for two and half weeks. I'll be hiking, rock climbing, relaxing and drinking some brews. I'm not bringing my computer and probably won't have access to internet most of the time anyway, so I probably won't be writing blog posts. I'm sure… Continue reading Two and a Half Week Adventure- Follow me on Instagram to keep up! 

When One Chapter Ends: Handling the Anxiety

This past week I finished graduate school. I presented my thesis and had the recognition ceremony. When I first went to graduate school, I had a tough time. I ended a treacherous relationship and moved to a new state with a roommate I didn’t know well. It was a strange time. I was lost and… Continue reading When One Chapter Ends: Handling the Anxiety

Celebrating My Progress – Moving Past the Struggles of the Past

This week marks an end to a period in my life: graduate school. On Friday (hopefully), I will be graduating from my program. I still need to complete my presentation (an hour long) on Thursday. It’s an exciting time. Completing this degree will give me a sense of accomplishment. It will be giving me something… Continue reading Celebrating My Progress – Moving Past the Struggles of the Past