Solo Adventuring With Anxiety & Depression

This past weekend I did a little solo adventure. It went as follows: 1. Saturday morning, woke up at 6:00am 2. Drove 3.5 miles to my hike 3. Hiked 5.5 miles 4. Went to local town - walked around and went to a brewery and ate a late lunch 5. Slept at a semi-sketchy hotel… Continue reading Solo Adventuring With Anxiety & Depression

Goodbye Jealousy. Hello Community.

I have struggled with jealousy of other women for a long time. It’s not something I’m proud of. I always felt that I needed to be the best, when I knew that I never could. If another woman was better at an activity, prettier, smarter - it put me down entirely - even if she… Continue reading Goodbye Jealousy. Hello Community.

Back to Reality and Anxiety

So these past two weeks I have been mainly living in a van and traveling with my boyfriend and traveling around Southwest USA. During our trip, my anxiety and depression were pretty low. Anxiety and depression never took over and ruined our trip. I was able to relax. I was able to be adventurous. I’m… Continue reading Back to Reality and Anxiety

Outdoor Activities with Anxiety & Depression: It Started Simply

I always hear how amazing being in nature is supposed to be for you mentally and physically. I always had a desire to be outdoors. I ran in my backyard pretending to be Pocahontas and singing “Colors of the Wind. Last year, I made a list of ten activities I would do if I were… Continue reading Outdoor Activities with Anxiety & Depression: It Started Simply

A Weekend of Anxiety Attacks, Happiness, Limits & Fun

Being a person with anxiety and depression, I can be a little unpredictable. I do not always know when anxiety or depression will strike. I can do everything I should be doing, medication, coping mechanisms, self-awareness, but I can still have moments that catch me off guard. I can also surprise myself in my moments… Continue reading A Weekend of Anxiety Attacks, Happiness, Limits & Fun

Bring On Life: I Can Handle It

For two weeks I explored from San Francisco to Seattle. Hiked. Camped. Rock Climbed. With a few others. Basically lived in a tent and took only a few showers. For some, this may not sound bad. For me, it was challenging. I become overwhelmed being surrounded by people all the time. Intense physical activity makes… Continue reading Bring On Life: I Can Handle It

Five Tips for Group Travel When You Have Anxiety and Depression

This Sunday I returned to Connecticut after a two week trip out west. My friends and I arrived in San Francisco and then drove up throughout the next two weeks and flew out of Seattle. This trip included a lot of camping, hiking, rock climbing, and driving. In total there was six of us, but… Continue reading Five Tips for Group Travel When You Have Anxiety and Depression

Two and a Half Week Adventure- Follow me on Instagram to keep up! 

So this afternoon I'm leaving on a jet plane to go out west for two and half weeks. I'll be hiking, rock climbing, relaxing and drinking some brews. I'm not bringing my computer and probably won't have access to internet most of the time anyway, so I probably won't be writing blog posts. I'm sure… Continue reading Two and a Half Week Adventure- Follow me on Instagram to keep up! 

Mental Health Travel Planner- FREE Download

Click here to access the Free Mental Health Travel Planner. Traveling can be an incredible experience. Going to new places. Meeting new people. Experiencing a new culture. Eating new food. Learning new things about the world and yourself. I have always enjoyed travel since I was younger, but starting in my early twenties, this came… Continue reading Mental Health Travel Planner- FREE Download

Day 13: Discuss Something on Your Bucket List

I want to travel. There are so many places I want to see that I cannot just pick one, but Iceland and Patagonia are on the top of my list. I’m nervous, though. I’m nervous that I will be too scared to actually go. I hadn't traveled internationally since Peru in April 2015. I traveled… Continue reading Day 13: Discuss Something on Your Bucket List