When Writing & Sharing Become Difficult With Anxiety & Depression

Writing is an outlet for my anxiety and depression. It becomes a type of therapy. Writing the thoughts that won’t stop spinning in my head. I started sharing because I thought it could benefit others. Also, I have to admit; I shared in part because it helped my mental health to share. It gave me... Continue Reading →


Bring On Life: I Can Handle It

For two weeks I explored from San Francisco to Seattle. Hiked. Camped. Rock Climbed. With a few others. Basically lived in a tent and took only a few showers. For some, this may not sound bad. For me, it was challenging. I become overwhelmed being surrounded by people all the time. Intense physical activity makes... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Travel Planner- FREE Download

Click here to access the Free Mental Health Travel Planner. Traveling can be an incredible experience. Going to new places. Meeting new people. Experiencing a new culture. Eating new food. Learning new things about the world and yourself. I have always enjoyed travel since I was younger, but starting in my early twenties, this came... Continue Reading →

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