Being Aware of Anxiety and Depression

I’ve been slacking in this whole writing thing lately. It’s probably because I have been busy, but I also believe that I was subconsciously conducting an experiment. I wanted to see if the fact that I’m writing about my struggles exacerbates my struggles or if it helps me. Inside my lovely brain, I kept going… Continue reading Being Aware of Anxiety and Depression

Pretending I’m Okay Never Works

Sometimes I think I’m well - finally. That I don’t need to pay attention to my mental health as I used to. I would become so frustrated that there’s something so wrong with me - that I have to be a person that has to pay such close attention to things like that. Why can’t… Continue reading Pretending I’m Okay Never Works

What Happens When You Hate Yourself

Today I am not a fan of myself, dare I say, I hate myself. Self-loathing is quite an awful thing to have because you are around yourself all the time. When you don’t like other people, you can at least escape. You can choose to not be around them, but when it’s yourself that you… Continue reading What Happens When You Hate Yourself

Weekend Adventures With Anxiety & Depression

When you work full time or have friends that do, you may often adventure on weekends to go to new places. It can be hard to wait for that one week that you and others can take off, so weekends are a logical choice. It’s a chance to get away from “normal” life. A chance… Continue reading Weekend Adventures With Anxiety & Depression

Why I’m Not Going to Pretend I’m Perfect

Social media is hard sometimes. I think most people can get that. We see what everyone else wants us to see. We see the perfect moment’s in their lives. The ideal couple shots. The exciting news. Looks when they are put together and look their best. Moments when they are happy. We don’t always hear… Continue reading Why I’m Not Going to Pretend I’m Perfect

Moving Forward Despite Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety tends to have me jump to the worst case scenario in everyday situations. We like to poke fun at this in memes - and don’t get me wrong they make me laugh every time. Like this one - it’s me, and I’m sure some of you.   But in reality, it’s not really funny.… Continue reading Moving Forward Despite Anxiety & Depression

5 Ways to Challenge the Voices of Anxiety & Depression

The voices of anxiety and depression can be overwhelming at times. Their lies. Their volume. Their goals. It can all be too much, and we can very quickly give in. We can stay small. We can be scared to try something for fear of looking like a fool. For fear of getting hurt. For fear… Continue reading 5 Ways to Challenge the Voices of Anxiety & Depression

Goodbye to the Fears & Irrational Rules of Anxiety & Depression

I have dreams, goals, and desires just like everyone else. But I never dare speak of them. You see, if I speak of them, then they won’t come true. If it becomes known that it’s something I want, then I will never get it. It becomes an awful cycle. Sometimes it may seem like I’m… Continue reading Goodbye to the Fears & Irrational Rules of Anxiety & Depression

Reflecting and Setting Intentions. Mental Health Journey.

Reflecting and Setting Intentions. Mental Health Journey.

So 2017 ended a few days ago - I know I’m late on the ball here but I want to do some reflections and then set some intentions for 2018. Reflecting on a past year when you are struggling with anxiety and depression, is strange. I see moments where I struggled and moments when I… Continue reading Reflecting and Setting Intentions. Mental Health Journey.

I Wonder How People See Me When They Find Out I Have Anxiety and Depression

For a little over a year now, I have been vocal about my struggle with anxiety and depression. I write about it. I talk about it. I reach out to people about it. Friends and family know all about it one way or another. I don’t always speak with them directly about anxiety and depression,… Continue reading I Wonder How People See Me When They Find Out I Have Anxiety and Depression