Let’s Take a Look at My Anxiety Triggers

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One of my biggest triggers with my anxiety and depression is becoming overwhelmed or being reminded of everything that I am not. Both of these are pretty common in my life. Being aware of these triggers in only the first step and they can easily influence each other. Everything I Am Not: Past Relationship I… Continue reading Let’s Take a Look at My Anxiety Triggers

I Want to Define Me: “No wonder why no one likes you”

Today I decided to declutter. My mind has been a mess lately, and I have been trying really hard to combat that. When I was decluttering (physically and mentally), I found some things from my past. One thing I found was a notebook that had some scratch notes on it. These notes were the after… Continue reading I Want to Define Me: “No wonder why no one likes you”

The Contradictions of Beliefs & the Past

I tend to argue a lot. Mostly to myself. I have these contradictory beliefs in my head, and I never know which to hold on to. When I look at my past relationship, for example, I have this tendency to defend. Some people would describe that relationship as emotionally abusive. I tend to agree with… Continue reading The Contradictions of Beliefs & the Past

One of Those Days

Yesterday I had one of those days. It was even a day I have been looking forward to for a long time. You see, my family puts together a fundraiser every year. Well, this is only the second year. I didn't get to go last year. I was excited to be able to go this… Continue reading One of Those Days

When Someone Tells You You’re Crazy

In July 2015, I broke up with my long-term boyfriend of the time. On social media, we looked happy. Everyone told us how cute and great we looked. They didn't know about the emotional turmoil that was in the relationship. I don't think he sees that still. For me, however, the relationship scarred me. It… Continue reading When Someone Tells You You’re Crazy