The Days I Hate Me

Do you ever just hate yourself a tiny bit? Or maybe a whole lot? Maybe, everything feels awful, and there’s no point. That’s me today. A lot of stuff has been happening. A LOT. With work, school, personal life, and life in general. It’s a lot for me to take on. But I just don’t… Continue reading The Days I Hate Me

Giving Up

There are some days when I feel nothing. Sometimes I’m okay with that, other times it’s really hard to feel that way. It’s when something good or funny happens, so you feel like you should be happy but instead, you feel nothing. I prefer that over feeling everything. On the days I feel everything, the… Continue reading Giving Up


I’m open about my struggles with anxiety and depression. Sometimes, those struggles cloud my judgment. I CAN act irrationally. I CAN overreact. I CAN say some stupid shit I don’t mean. But I also see things and feel things that I have every right to feel. Sometimes, people can dismiss my feelings just because sometimes… Continue reading Feelings