Losing a Friend Group, but Gaining Something New

When you break up with someone, everyone tells you how to handle losing that person. How to go on without someone who was your person for a while. Who you went to when you were in crisis. With who you knew intimately. You can read articles. You can watch movies. You can listen to the… Continue reading Losing a Friend Group, but Gaining Something New

7 Items to Include in a Self-Care Package

Sometimes I am the one struggling, other times it’s a friend. Sometimes I have to focus on myself, and other times I have some care to give to others. I have a hard time seeing people around me struggle. I know what it feels like to suffer and to feel like you’re fighting it alone.… Continue reading 7 Items to Include in a Self-Care Package

5 Tips for Maintaining Friendships While Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

I have anxiety and depression, which can sometimes make friendships difficult. I can cause issues when there are none. I can have high moments of anxiety which cause me to lash out. I can be selfish at times when it feels like my anxiety and depression are taking control. I can get lost in my… Continue reading 5 Tips for Maintaining Friendships While Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

Birthday Anxiety

My birthday is coming up in the next few weeks. It’s always a weird time. I never feel special enough to do anything for my birthday or try to get anyone to do anything for my birthday. Last year, up in Vermont, was the first time since high school that I did something semi-big for… Continue reading Birthday Anxiety

Anxiety or Depression Sponsor

I wish there was an anxiety or depression sponsor. As in, when I'm feeling anxious or depressed and acting irrationally, there can be someone I can call anytime who can help calm my emotional brain and not to cause any damage to my relationships or life. Someone who I have some sort of relationship with… Continue reading Anxiety or Depression Sponsor

I Let it Go.

A friendship is over. A friendship I cherished more than anything is over. A good friend that I had since 7th grade is no longer my friend. A friend that has helped me through my hardest times will not be there in the future. I try to say it different ways. Maybe then it will… Continue reading I Let it Go.