Why I’m Done Judging Others

I have to admit: I judge people. I don’t hold people to my judgments, but I do it. I think most people do. It’s human nature. First Impressions. Clothes. Outward attitude. It’s hard not to. You would think that my anxiety and depression would make it a little bit easier to have empathy for others.… Continue reading Why I’m Done Judging Others


No One Chooses Me Because I’m the Worst

It’s a weird feeling when you are climbing a mountain and all of the sudden you have the urge to cry. Not because you are climbing a mountain, though your legs and feet were hurting are adequate reasons, but because of something, you held inside for a while. Things I have been trying to be… Continue reading No One Chooses Me Because I’m the Worst

5 Tips for Maintaining Friendships While Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

I have anxiety and depression, which can sometimes make friendships difficult. I can cause issues when there are none. I can have high moments of anxiety which cause me to lash out. I can be selfish at times when it feels like my anxiety and depression are taking control. I can get lost in my… Continue reading 5 Tips for Maintaining Friendships While Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

I Can’t Care Anymore

I recently decided that I can’t care anymore. I swear it’s not as bad as it sounds. As you might know, I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am doing better now and have recently learned how to control myself slightly more than in the past. I have lost people who were close to me… Continue reading I Can’t Care Anymore