When One Chapter Ends: Handling the Anxiety

This past week I finished graduate school. I presented my thesis and had the recognition ceremony. When I first went to graduate school, I had a tough time. I ended a treacherous relationship and moved to a new state with a roommate I didn’t know well. It was a strange time. I was lost and… Continue reading When One Chapter Ends: Handling the Anxiety

I Refuse to Rush Through Life

"I don't want to earn a living, I want to live." - Oscar Wilde In Vermont this weekend, my peers are presenting their master research and graduating with their master’s degree. Sometimes I think I should have been there this week, but I’m not. Sometimes I beat myself up over this fact. I think that… Continue reading I Refuse to Rush Through Life

My Life is Changing This Week – And I’m Terrified

I gave a warning to that person in my life. “I’m going to suck this week FYI.” He probably saw that coming. This week is my last week at my internship. I have been here since August. The ending of this internship brings me another step closer to being able to graduate from graduate school.… Continue reading My Life is Changing This Week – And I’m Terrified