Learning to Be Alone and Happier for It

I haven’t been writing because I haven’t been knowing what I’ve been feeling or experiencing. I am so used to easily defining my life by my anxiety and depression… as some of you may be as well. If something is wrong, it’s either my anxiety or depression acting up. I warn oncoming people in my… Continue reading Learning to Be Alone and Happier for It

Being Happy in the Present While Having Anxiety

In the last week or two, a lot of things are falling into place for me. Jobs. Writing. Living situations. Relationships. It’s working out. My life is a puzzle, and it’s finally coming together. I am happy. I have the typical everyday stressors that I can handle. There is also a lurking sensation of something… Continue reading Being Happy in the Present While Having Anxiety

How to Be Okay With Not Being Everything

I was asked recently to write down everything I am beside my anxiety and depression. It was for us to focus on the good things. Moving beyond that one piece (mental illness) of our identity. I had a hard time doing this. Below is what I ended up coming up with: I am loud. I… Continue reading How to Be Okay With Not Being Everything

Mostly, I Wish Things Were Easy

Some days I wish things were simple. I wish decisions were black and white and you always know the right one to choose. I wish that I couldn’t see the perspective of others, so I could feel okay with what I was feeling. I wish I didn’t have feelings so other’s actions wouldn’t affect me… Continue reading Mostly, I Wish Things Were Easy

Today is my Birthday and it’s Weird

I still have moments of high anxiety and depression. I have to think of it every day and remind myself of what I need to do to control it. With that said, I am doing much better than where I was since I was twenty-one. Honestly - this is the happiest - or maybe a… Continue reading Today is my Birthday and it’s Weird

I Promise You I Am Well

From my posts, most people may think I’m not doing well when in fact, that is not the case. It’s just sometimes I get these moments or days when everything feels like it is falling apart. But I’m happy and doing better. I still struggle at times, but that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change… Continue reading I Promise You I Am Well

On Top of a Mountain

Give me some fresh air. Let me have that moment on top of a mountain. The time when you do the thing you swore you couldn’t do. It’s when you go to bed happy after a long week of crying. It’s when you are surrounded by people you care about, and you feel at peace… Continue reading On Top of a Mountain

Recovery & Being Happy

It’s weird when you start to feel better. It’s weird when you feel like you can breathe. It’s weird when you feel like you're in the present. It’s weird when your mind is quiet. It’s good, but it’s weird. It’s just something that I'm not used to. Not many people can understand that. This past… Continue reading Recovery & Being Happy

4 Assumptions People Make Because I Smile A Lot

I smile a lot. People tend to notice. I never noticed that I smiled more than other people, but people always comment on it. When I smile, people often make assumptions that are often wrong. I wanted to address some of these because being judged is not my favorite thing. I have people assume certain… Continue reading 4 Assumptions People Make Because I Smile A Lot

Day 06: Something that excites you and fills you with joy.

People often say that I have a “happy” personality. When I talk about anything that I am passionate about, I become immensely excited which is easily noticeable. I love talking about things that I am passionate about, which I’m sure is true for most people. Besides talking about things I am passionate about (mental health,… Continue reading Day 06: Something that excites you and fills you with joy.