What Happens When You Hate Yourself

Today I am not a fan of myself, dare I say, I hate myself. Self-loathing is quite an awful thing to have because you are around yourself all the time. When you don’t like other people, you can at least escape. You can choose to not be around them, but when it’s yourself that you… Continue reading What Happens When You Hate Yourself

The Days I Hate Me

Do you ever just hate yourself a tiny bit? Or maybe a whole lot? Maybe, everything feels awful, and there’s no point. That’s me today. A lot of stuff has been happening. A LOT. With work, school, personal life, and life in general. It’s a lot for me to take on. But I just don’t… Continue reading The Days I Hate Me

Anxiety & Depression Take Over

When anxiety or depression take over, I don’t feel like me. I mean, it is definitely not me. I don’t like running away. I don’t like saying mean things. I don’t like not being present. I don’t like acting aggressively. I don’t like being impatient or seeing the negative side to everything. It’s not me.… Continue reading Anxiety & Depression Take Over