What Happens When You Hate Yourself

Today I am not a fan of myself, dare I say, I hate myself. Self-loathing is quite an awful thing to have because you are around yourself all the time. When you don’t like other people, you can at least escape. You can choose to not be around them, but when it’s yourself that you… Continue reading What Happens When You Hate Yourself

What Happened When I Decided to Save Myself

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I learned a few years ago that I didn’t want anyone to save me. I wanted to save me. I didn’t I want someone to solve all my problems. I didn’t want someone to “fix” me. I didn’t want someone to be my knight in shining armor. I wanted to be my own warrior. It… Continue reading What Happened When I Decided to Save Myself

When You Can’t Seem to Love Yourself

I told someone recently that I think that I am unlovable. When I told them this, they laughed. I don’t blame them. How can one fathom feeling that awful about one’s self to believe this? How can you explain this to someone who never felt this way? How every hint from a past life makes… Continue reading When You Can’t Seem to Love Yourself