When I’m Not Up for Mindfulness

I have this thing where I wish the world would speed, or slow down depending on the situation. In good moments, I obviously wish I could be at that moment forever as if I'm asking the world just to slow down because I finally feel okay. Then there are times when I can see the… Continue reading When I’m Not Up for Mindfulness

Free Resource: Mental Health Books

Since I can remember, reading has been an outlet for me. Escaping into new worlds and learning from fictional characters. Recently, I have been reading more about mental health. Learning how others have dealt with their own struggles and how closely or not so closely I can relate to it. Fiction, Nonfiction, Young Adult, Activity… Continue reading Free Resource: Mental Health Books

Talk and Show it All

I smile a lot. Sometimes I’m quite outgoing and can talk a lot and loudly. Sometimes I feel like I have to talk to everyone and include them. I reach out often. I do my best to invite others to events. People can view me as an extrovert. Sometimes when I tell people I struggle… Continue reading Talk and Show it All

I’m Feeling Well – Now What?

I’ve been doing well lately, so that means I have less to write about. Or maybe it just means that I have to push myself to write more. That scares me. I love writing, but I use it to the most when I’m struggling. I use it when I have all these thoughts, and they… Continue reading I’m Feeling Well – Now What?