Worst Days with Intrusive Thoughts

Some days you're gonna hate yourself. You're going to wish that things came just a little bit easier. That maybe you can control your thoughts more or at least what you say outloud. Some days you can - you will be incredibly proud on those days. Other days you will fail and hurt those around… Continue reading Worst Days with Intrusive Thoughts

I’m A Lot of Things 

Here's the thing I'm not perfect and will never claim to be. I'm not even close to being "chill" - some may call me dramatic. I see it as just having a lot of feelings. I see things from everyone's perspective which makes it difficult for me to stay upset at someone. I empathize way… Continue reading I’m A Lot of Things 

I Remember Looking at this View

I remember looking at this view when I first decided to come to grad school here.  I remember looking at this view after the first day of orientation feeling lost and confused.  I remember looking at this view throughout the first semester when anxiety and depression had me hiding  I remember looking at this view… Continue reading I Remember Looking at this View

Free Resource: Mental Health Books

Since I can remember, reading has been an outlet for me. Escaping into new worlds and learning from fictional characters. Recently, I have been reading more about mental health. Learning how others have dealt with their own struggles and how closely or not so closely I can relate to it. Fiction, Nonfiction, Young Adult, Activity… Continue reading Free Resource: Mental Health Books

3 Ways My Valentine Helped Me Cope with Anxiety and Depression

I have a valentine this year. We have been dating for around a half of a year. I had ups and downs throughout our relationship, and so has he, which is normal. I had dealt with my bits of high anxiety and depression that have affected him. He has never dealt with anxiety or depression… Continue reading 3 Ways My Valentine Helped Me Cope with Anxiety and Depression

How I Feel About Myself Isn’t Okay

Some days, things just hit you in a way that it is entirely raw and honest. It feels like whiplash. It feels like a wave. I had a few of those days lately, and I’m waiting for it to sink into my skin. My feelings about myself can be summed up like this: “I am… Continue reading How I Feel About Myself Isn’t Okay