I’m a Burden, Unlovable, Obnoxious…So What’s the Point?

Here’s the thing, my mind won’t stop. You may think you know what I mean, but I’m really not sure that you do. I know that my anxiety brain takes over a lot. All these negative thoughts come swarming in. I try to do the work so that it won’t happen or I can move… Continue reading I’m a Burden, Unlovable, Obnoxious…So What’s the Point?

The Opposite of Rose-Colored Glasses

Usually, when I’m struggling, I tend to write more. Lately, I found that that hasn’t been the case. I recently wrote a post about how well I was doing, but how that was scary. Soon after, I fell apart. I am not even sure what caused it. I had a great day. That night, however,… Continue reading The Opposite of Rose-Colored Glasses

How I Feel About Myself Isn’t Okay

Some days, things just hit you in a way that it is entirely raw and honest. It feels like whiplash. It feels like a wave. I had a few of those days lately, and I’m waiting for it to sink into my skin. My feelings about myself can be summed up like this: “I am… Continue reading How I Feel About Myself Isn’t Okay