Celebrate Your Growth

For me, it’s really easy to be harsh on myself. To tell myself that I should be doing more. That I should be farther by now. That I am a complete mess and failure. That my anxiety and depression are in control. Every time I have a slight moment of anxiety, I feel defeated. But… Continue reading Celebrate Your Growth

Letting Anxiety Control Your Present in Relationships

anxiety control present relationships

Everyone has a past. It is just a fact. People will have lives before and after you. Their past brought them to you. When you care about someone, it’s important to appreciate that fact and understand it. When you have anxiety, understanding the past and not overthinking it, can be extremely difficult. You start to… Continue reading Letting Anxiety Control Your Present in Relationships

I Want to Define Me: “No wonder why no one likes you”

Today I decided to declutter. My mind has been a mess lately, and I have been trying really hard to combat that. When I was decluttering (physically and mentally), I found some things from my past. One thing I found was a notebook that had some scratch notes on it. These notes were the after… Continue reading I Want to Define Me: “No wonder why no one likes you”

I Remember Looking at this View

I remember looking at this view when I first decided to come to grad school here.  I remember looking at this view after the first day of orientation feeling lost and confused.  I remember looking at this view throughout the first semester when anxiety and depression had me hiding  I remember looking at this view… Continue reading I Remember Looking at this View

Anxiety, Depression, & the Past

Lately, I have been feeling alone, scared, lost, and frustrated in most aspects of my life. I haven’t really been sure what to do about it. There’s a lot of big decisions in my life coming up, and I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what I want. Looking beyond what others think… Continue reading Anxiety, Depression, & the Past

Four Tips for When You are Caught up in the Past

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional. This article is in regards to more typical struggles of getting stuck in the past and having it cause anxiety, pain, or hurt in your current life. This article is not about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Maybe it can help you with some things, but this is… Continue reading Four Tips for When You are Caught up in the Past

The Contradictions of Beliefs & the Past

I tend to argue a lot. Mostly to myself. I have these contradictory beliefs in my head, and I never know which to hold on to. When I look at my past relationship, for example, I have this tendency to defend. Some people would describe that relationship as emotionally abusive. I tend to agree with… Continue reading The Contradictions of Beliefs & the Past


I started dating someone new about four months ago. Yes, I met him online. He's great. The relationship is moving along. I met his family and friends. He met my family and friends. I'm comfortable. I like him a lot. I am also one foot out the door. Constantly. Last year, around this time, I… Continue reading Relationships