Healing is a Process

It’s been two months. Two months since things changed. Two months since I had to reassess my life. I am doing well. Really well. I created friend groups. I have gone on adventures. I really love my job. I’m starting graduate school in a few weeks. On paper, my life is moving along. I am… Continue reading Healing is a Process

Anxiety & Depression Are Not Me

People in my life aren’t a fan of me when anxiety and depression take over. I don’t blame them - I am a complete asshole. I lash out. I accuse. I break down. I have no room for rational thoughts. Granted, I am getting better at controlling them now though, but I’m not perfect. However,… Continue reading Anxiety & Depression Are Not Me

Anxiety Protects Me, I Swear

Sometimes I wonder if people know how much I think. I understand that everyone thinks, but I think that my thinking is different. It’s over consuming. I become scared. I think that maybe this all there ever will be for me. Just me and my thoughts. I wish they would stop so I could breathe.… Continue reading Anxiety Protects Me, I Swear