Trying is Exhausting

I’m not sure if people understand. For the most part, I don't know if others understand how much I’m trying. I can understand why it seems like I don’t. I fail a lot. I’m not sure if they understand what it is like when the anxiety and depression take over. How every fear or worry… Continue reading Trying is Exhausting

Cycle of the Kitchen Floor

I really try. Though it may seem like I don’t. It seems like every time I try taking a step forward, I somehow end up two steps back. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it. Other times I’m too lost to realize what I’m doing. Sometimes I don’t know the difference between acting “crazy”… Continue reading Cycle of the Kitchen Floor

When I want to quit…

Today I wanted to quit. I wanted to leave it all. I became so tired of trying to be okay, giving, pushing through. I wanted to go home and crawl under a blanket. I wanted to cry. I wanted not to think. I wanted to skip over the next few months. I wanted not to… Continue reading When I want to quit…

Day 02: Something you regret not having done last year.

So last year I’m counting as my year as a 25-year-old. Let’s just say, that 25 was a whirlwind of a year. A lot of people left my life, but a lot of people came in as well. I always look at regret eerily. It’s a slippery slope. I did a lot last year and… Continue reading Day 02: Something you regret not having done last year.

Venturing Solo

This past summer has kind of been about “dating myself”. Before June this year, the main thing I could do by myself is shopping or going to a place like Panera or Starbucks to get something to-go and then go home. I was never comfortable. I always felt out of place or that I just… Continue reading Venturing Solo