Losing Grip- A Poem

Sometimes I feel like the world is slipping through my hands. As soon as I get a grip on something meaningful I see it falling. As soon as I feel like I figured something out Something changes and I’m left confused. As soon as I’m happy, I feel life closing in. I expect the worst,… Continue reading Losing Grip- A Poem


Post on Narrative’s of Hope

Hey everyone! I wrote a guest post for Narrative's of Hope explaining more about my journey with anxiety and depression. I go over the lessons it has taught me and the pain it has caused. Please go check it out! I really love this piece. Click the link here or below: Sylvia's Story

Moving Forward Despite Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety tends to have me jump to the worst case scenario in everyday situations. We like to poke fun at this in memes - and don’t get me wrong they make me laugh every time. Like this one - it’s me, and I’m sure some of you.   But in reality, it’s not really funny.… Continue reading Moving Forward Despite Anxiety & Depression

5 Ways to Challenge the Voices of Anxiety & Depression

The voices of anxiety and depression can be overwhelming at times. Their lies. Their volume. Their goals. It can all be too much, and we can very quickly give in. We can stay small. We can be scared to try something for fear of looking like a fool. For fear of getting hurt. For fear… Continue reading 5 Ways to Challenge the Voices of Anxiety & Depression

Back to Reality and Anxiety

So these past two weeks I have been mainly living in a van and traveling with my boyfriend and traveling around Southwest USA. During our trip, my anxiety and depression were pretty low. Anxiety and depression never took over and ruined our trip. I was able to relax. I was able to be adventurous. I’m… Continue reading Back to Reality and Anxiety

Anger & Anxiety

Anger & Anxiety

I don’t always notice when I’m feeling anxious or just “off.” Sometimes I try to repress it. I tell myself not to feel anxious. Sometimes I think I’m anxious, but I moved on from it. Then something small happens - something that is no big deal. A question. A comment. And I flip out- I… Continue reading Anger & Anxiety

I am badass. I am worthy. I am enough.

badass worthy enough anxiety mental health depression

Sometimes I think about how consumed I can be with other people. I often place my own self-worth based on how others view me. I set unrealistic expectations for myself based on this idea. I think I have to be the best at everything I do, or else I’m not worth anyone’s time. I have… Continue reading I am badass. I am worthy. I am enough.

Why Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When You Have Anxiety

ignorance isn't bliss anxiety

There’s a saying: “Ignorance is bliss.” It means what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Suggesting that people are usually happy knowing less information. So if a person doesn’t know that our planet is dying, they won’t be upset about it because they can’t be. I can see how this makes sense for most people;… Continue reading Why Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When You Have Anxiety

Tips to Stop Overthinking

overthinking anxiety depression

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who overthinks. Overthinking is known for being a thief of joy. It causes issues when there are none. Causes you to no longer be in the present. It makes you find the tiniest sign that not all is well. It causes you to think… Continue reading Tips to Stop Overthinking

I Wish I Could Be Everything.

Sometimes I wish I could be everything Because then I would never be nothing. Then I could never have competition. I could be everything you needed me to be. And more. I would never have to wonder about others Because they wouldn’t be better than me. If I was everything, then I could be happy.… Continue reading I Wish I Could Be Everything.