Rock Climbing with Anxiety and Depression

I have anxiety and depression, and I enjoy rock climbing. I was showing someone about a recent 3-pitch climb I did (around 350 feet), and they asked me if I was scared. I said I was terrified. Then they asked me why I did it then. It’s a fair question. Why do I do this… Continue reading Rock Climbing with Anxiety and Depression

Being Aware of Anxiety and Depression

I’ve been slacking in this whole writing thing lately. It’s probably because I have been busy, but I also believe that I was subconsciously conducting an experiment. I wanted to see if the fact that I’m writing about my struggles exacerbates my struggles or if it helps me. Inside my lovely brain, I kept going… Continue reading Being Aware of Anxiety and Depression

Here’s to the One’s That Start

I went to the Banff Film Festival this weekend (twice) and felt inspired. This is a poem about the people who are starting a new outdoor adventure activity. Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is just start. Hoping to turn this into a film one day. What do you think?  Here’s to the people… Continue reading Here’s to the One’s That Start

I’m Your Crux. Anxiety & Depression are Mine.

In rock climbing, you can encounter cruxes on climbs. According to REI, a crux is The toughest move or sequence of moves on a climb. It’s when you get to the point of the climb that you don’t always know if you are going to make it over. It’s the point where you have to… Continue reading I’m Your Crux. Anxiety & Depression are Mine.

Outdoor Activities with Anxiety & Depression: It Started Simply

I always hear how amazing being in nature is supposed to be for you mentally and physically. I always had a desire to be outdoors. I ran in my backyard pretending to be Pocahontas and singing “Colors of the Wind. Last year, I made a list of ten activities I would do if I were… Continue reading Outdoor Activities with Anxiety & Depression: It Started Simply

Trusting is the Worst

I went rock climbing the other day. I was wearing the whole outfit: helmet, harness, climbing shoes. I did this climb and had a hard time using my feet. I used my knees. By the end of the climb, I was bruised, scraped, cut with blood running down my legs. On the next climb, a… Continue reading Trusting is the Worst