Am I Too Broken to Be Loved?

Am I too broken to love or be loved? What if all the things I hate about myself makes me unlovable? What if no one will ever choose me? What if no one will ever show up? These are the questions I ask myself time and time again. Days when something small triggers me into… Continue reading Am I Too Broken to Be Loved?

2019 Reflection & Looking Ahead

This past year was a year of being uncomfortable. It was a year of reflection. A year of struggle. A year of learning to be on my own. When quickly looking back on this past year, all I could think of was loneliness and strife. I had months of being angry and resentful. Months of… Continue reading 2019 Reflection & Looking Ahead

Back to Me: Feeling Grateful

It’s been over a month now. My birthday is tomorrow. And it’s not going to be what it’s supposed to be. Or, I guess, what it was going to be. But I’m doing my best to make sure I enjoy it. I’m learning to let go of expectations. Before March, I had an idea of… Continue reading Back to Me: Feeling Grateful

Goodbye to the Fears & Irrational Rules of Anxiety & Depression

I have dreams, goals, and desires just like everyone else. But I never dare speak of them. You see, if I speak of them, then they won’t come true. If it becomes known that it’s something I want, then I will never get it. It becomes an awful cycle. Sometimes it may seem like I’m… Continue reading Goodbye to the Fears & Irrational Rules of Anxiety & Depression

On To Discovering My Self-Worth

Last week I talked about my journey to self-love. How it can look a little different than what others might expect and how self-love looks for me with anxiety and depression always being there. I have an issue with remembering this at times. My biggest issue is allowing myself to take up space. Last year,… Continue reading On To Discovering My Self-Worth

Journey to Self-Love

Finding self-love has always been semi-difficult for me. I have a lot of doubts in my head. A lot of questioning. I tend to think others are more worthy than I am. It’s a difficult thing to break through. Moving away from that is a struggle. Every time I think I’m there, something sets me… Continue reading Journey to Self-Love

I Trust I am Worthy and Enough

I trust that you will never intentionally hurt me. I trust that you will always have good intentions. I trust that I am worthy of you and you are worthy of me. I trust that even when I fall apart, you will still stay by my side. I trust that I will always be in… Continue reading I Trust I am Worthy and Enough

5 Rules for When You Have Negative People in Your Life

I’m a little strange. I talk a little loud. I am pretty open about my struggles and things I find fascinating. I can be naive. I believe in people way too easily. I am also an easy scapegoat. I get made fun of. I get walked over. I can feel other's negative energy. People may… Continue reading 5 Rules for When You Have Negative People in Your Life

When You Can’t Seem to Love Yourself

I told someone recently that I think that I am unlovable. When I told them this, they laughed. I don’t blame them. How can one fathom feeling that awful about one’s self to believe this? How can you explain this to someone who never felt this way? How every hint from a past life makes… Continue reading When You Can’t Seem to Love Yourself