I’m Guarded, and I Hate it

Yesterday was the last day of school for a few weeks. I went out with all my coworkers. They call themselves family because that is what they are to each other. They are close. They are connected. Then there’s me. Still slightly on the outside. It’s not their fault. It is really mine. I don’t… Continue reading I’m Guarded, and I Hate it

I Can’t Care Anymore

I recently decided that I can’t care anymore. I swear it’s not as bad as it sounds. As you might know, I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am doing better now and have recently learned how to control myself slightly more than in the past. I have lost people who were close to me… Continue reading I Can’t Care Anymore

3 Ways My Valentine Helped Me Cope with Anxiety and Depression

I have a valentine this year. We have been dating for around a half of a year. I had ups and downs throughout our relationship, and so has he, which is normal. I had dealt with my bits of high anxiety and depression that have affected him. He has never dealt with anxiety or depression… Continue reading 3 Ways My Valentine Helped Me Cope with Anxiety and Depression