Why I’m Not Going to Pretend I’m Perfect

Social media is hard sometimes. I think most people can get that. We see what everyone else wants us to see. We see the perfect moment’s in their lives. The ideal couple shots. The exciting news. Looks when they are put together and look their best. Moments when they are happy. We don’t always hear… Continue reading Why I’m Not Going to Pretend I’m Perfect

I’m Finally Happy

I used to find my happiness in others. I would scroll through websites looking for the perfect things to post. All I wanted was to get more likes on Facebook. I would try to do things so that I could take pictures of it and post them on social media. I would take pictures when… Continue reading I’m Finally Happy

Everyone Else Has it Better

It’s easy to judge others on the outside looking in. Especially, with social media nowadays. With looking at people’s lives on social media, it is easy to assume that everyone has a perfect life. We see their highlights. We see what everyone else wants us to see. Usually and understandably, people want us to see… Continue reading Everyone Else Has it Better

Facebook Page

This morning was hard. I'm not sure why. Anxiety and depression just took over. I posted something on my Facebook. I asked my friends to share what they did to cope for getting lost in your mind. The responses I received was incredible. I have been thinking of starting social media for a bit - though… Continue reading Facebook Page