Solo Adventuring With Anxiety & Depression

This past weekend I did a little solo adventure. It went as follows: 1. Saturday morning, woke up at 6:00am 2. Drove 3.5 miles to my hike 3. Hiked 5.5 miles 4. Went to local town - walked around and went to a brewery and ate a late lunch 5. Slept at a semi-sketchy hotel… Continue reading Solo Adventuring With Anxiety & Depression

Venturing Solo

This past summer has kind of been about “dating myself”. Before June this year, the main thing I could do by myself is shopping or going to a place like Panera or Starbucks to get something to-go and then go home. I was never comfortable. I always felt out of place or that I just… Continue reading Venturing Solo

Lessons Learned While Traveling During Recovery

For three weeks last month, I traveled to Steamboat Springs and San Francisco. I mainly went on my own but stayed with family in both places. I took this trip for a multitude of different reasons. Some were possibly good reasons to go on a trip. Others, not so much. The reasons also changed as the… Continue reading Lessons Learned While Traveling During Recovery