I Deserve Peace and Happiness

The other day, my friend told me that we weren't supposed to feel like this. You see, we are both currently struggling with anxiety and depression. We are both waiting for night to come to sleep. She said “we weren't supposed to be suffering. We weren't supposed to be unhappy for no reason. We deserve… Continue reading I Deserve Peace and Happiness


How Do I Know My Worth?

Tell me, how do I define my worth? Is it how many likes I get on social media? Or how much money I earn? Maybe it’s how special my job is? Perhaps it’s my education Well I don’t get many likes Or make any money – let alone have a job I never went to… Continue reading How Do I Know My Worth?

How to Be Okay With Not Being Everything

I was asked recently to write down everything I am beside my anxiety and depression. It was for us to focus on the good things. Moving beyond that one piece (mental illness) of our identity. I had a hard time doing this. Below is what I ended up coming up with: I am loud. I… Continue reading How to Be Okay With Not Being Everything